The Government of Rajasthan would leverage Information & Communication Technology (ICT) not only as a tool for improving governance and employment opportunities, but also more significantly as a means to enhance the quality of life and bridging the socio-economic divide in the State. The State Government intends to make conscious efforts to see that benefits of IT/ ITeS in terms of employment generation and economic up-liftment percolates to all sections of the society, particularly to those living in rural and remote areas.

Archived Tenders

S.No NIT Tender Title Corrigendum Last Date Of Submission
1 RISL/18/OCB/240 Supply, Installation, Integration & Maintenance of Customisable Email Solution for residents of Rajasthan No 29/05/2017 16:00
2 RISL/16/SSP/67 NIB for Technical Services for Development of New Modules and Enhancement of Existing Modules of Forest Management and Decision Support System (FMDSS) with Operation & Maintenance for one Year No 22/05/2017 15:00
3 RISL/17/OCB/239 Implementation of Unified Communication Gateway (e-Sanchar 2.0) No 25/05/2017 15:00
4 RISL/17/RC/39 Rate Contract for Supply of Store Items for one year No 24/05/2017 15:30
5 RISL/17/OCB/238 NIB for construction of Mini Surveillance Room at PHQ, Nagar Nigam, SMS & Collectorate, Jaipur No 23/05/2017 15:00

S.No Description Date

The Department of Computers was established in 1987. In its nascent stage, it was functioning under the State’s Planning Department, to provide state government a strong technical foundation to better serve its citizens and to create more accountability and efficiency through computerization. Thereafter,on 1st April 1988, the Department was reconstituted as Directorate of Computers which, with the enhancement in its scope of work form computerization to IT enablement for framing policy, planning, implementation and monitoring of Information & Communication Technologies and e-Governance projects, was further renamed as Department of Information Technology on 30thSep 1997. Consequently, in the year 2002 the Department was rechristened as Department of Information Technology & Communication which is continued till date.