History of JKK

In the vast spectrum of Indian Art and Heritage, the need of incubating and nurturing art and artists was prominently felt and the phenomenon brought the establishment of an international multi art and culture centre in Jaipur in 1993, popularly known as JKK.  This international institution focused to the preservation and promotion of the various genres of Indian art and culture; embellishes further the visual and cultural heritage of Jaipur.

In the last few of the years, JKK has apparently become the popular cultural destination and is giving a point of reference to the newly arising art and cultural centres.  Owing to the activities showcased here such as  workshops, dance and music recitals, theatre shows, art exhibitions and publications focused on art & culture, JKK pleasures to portray the various nuances of  the genre. JKK has been constantly facilitating art-connoisseurs, scholars, artists, artisans and visitors to interact with each other through its programming. The communion and connivance has emerged to make them to observe extrinsic as well as intrinsic aspects of art and cultureof Rajasthan.

Over the years, JKK has been well perceived as the hub of arts and artistic activities and as a centre for the conjunction of the classical and the folk traditions. Now, more than two decades later, it has become a pertinent centre showing great potential to cater the both i.e. Tradition and Innovation. JKK takes this opportunity to move gradually towards a more contemporary framing of the various art genres through its programs and activities..