Literature and Library

Various forms of art, architecture, archaeology have been documented and published by JKK including Sanskritik Sarvekshan, (district wise cultural survey reports of Rajasthan), Protected Monuments of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Rediscovered – Journey Through the Heritage, Tryst with Tradition, and Art Treasurer of Rajasthan. Besides these major publications, JKK also grants financial help to authors for publishing books on art and culture; 200 books have been published so far.

JKK also houses a well-stocked library of nearly 20 thousand volumes and subscribes art journals. Recently, the Library has been renovated and a new Children’s Section and General Section have been established in the present library for encouraging the literary activities. In order to make the library live with the regular literary activities such as Children Literature Festival, Story Telling Events, Poetry Recital, Book Clubs, Book Release and Lectures eminent artistes / scholars are planned to be organised in the library.